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The V22 Papers

Financial records and information

Download the documents and information to learn more about V22.


V22 Plc (the parent company) is registered offshore.

V22 has commerical interests in properties they don't own.

V22 has advised the London Mayor and The Creative Land Trust "for artists".

Selling leasehold options delivered much of V22's profit.

V22 London Ltd. owns former public buildings which V22 Foundation had bid for.

Undervalued "investment property" was revalued with a 77% uplift (£615,000).

V22 Foundation sub leases former public space from V22 London Ltd.

Public funding (Arts Council England) paid over £123,000 of V22's intercompany transactions. Including a £100,000 "Premium"

Expenditure listing for an Arts Council England grant to V22 Foundation


Detailed expenditure detailing a £100,000 "Premium" invoiced by V22 London Ltd. to V22 Foundation (missing an invoice date or reference). Image courtesy of Arts Council England / Freedom of Information Request.

Accounts for the V22 Foundation

V22 Plc. owns V22 London Ltd.

Tara Cranswick is a Director of V22 Plc.

Tara Cranswick is a Director of V22 Foundation and V22 London Ltd.

Tara Cranswick owns V22 Plc.

V22 Plc Directors' Dealings